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Construction Estimating

What people say about us:

“We are excited about the adoption of Cubit in our business. Cubit’s enhanced functionality and ease of use will be of great benefit to our project teams both pre-construction and throughout the delivery of each project.

Previously the company had adopted a number of different solutions to estimating and managing cost throughout the project cycle.  In upgrading our estimating processes we identified a number of key criteria that the new system would need to satisfy, after we had evaluated a number of systems and we identified Buildsoft Cubit as offering the best solution.

These criteria included the ability to have the system installed and configured on our new Microsoft Azure virtual server meaning our users are working from a shared centralised database so that discrepancies are avoided. Another benefit of Cubit that we identified was the reporting functionality and the ability to generate a company specific report to export to existing worksheets for data analysis.”

Building Estimating SoftwareFergus McMahon, Cairn Homes
“Having used Buildsoft throughout my career and more recently investing in Cubit Pro for my own business, I find the software a welcome addition to a very traditional industry. Cubit Pro allows me to create Bills of Quantities at a pace incomparable to traditional take-offs; the on-screen measurement saves hours upon hours using a scale ruler, to a far greater accuracy. The software has easily paid for itself several times over in time it has saved me in measurement and costing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Buildsoft and the range of Quantity Surveying software products they provide. Cubit Pro is a game-changer.”
Construction estimating software DarbyEoin Darby, Darby & Associates

We’ve upgraded to Cubit from Buildsoft and remark that it is a great educational tool.

It’s simple to use and particularly interactive as a presentation tool. Students consider the cubit program a quantum leap from basic take off techniques. Active engagement with measurement and interactive paperless take off allows students to visualise and record what they have measured. The transfer to digital measurement encourages a higher level pedagogical process out of this interaction. Imported drawings are better referenced, measurements identified on preview screens and students adopt a more organised approach. Industry is asking for improved digital intervention to be a fundamental part of the curriculum. Cubit facilitates that requirement very well.

As educators we would propose that a programme like this should be embraced at the earliest available stage in the course.”

Construction estimating software - LetterkennyFinbarr Dunwoody, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
“Finding the right tools are part of the challenge for a Quantity Surveyor and MudShark fitted this role perfectly.

MudShark fulfilled the need to provide technical data in the form of quantities in a fast and efficient manner. Its simplistic methods of obtaining accurate quantities enhance our roles as industry leading construction cost consultants to our valued clients.”

KSN - Buildsoft testimonialPeter Clarke, Kerrigan Sheanon Newman

“I have personally utilized Buildsoft / Cubit since the early 90’s, introducing the software to each company I have worked for, including Manor Park Homebuilders Ltd and Shannon Homes Ltd in Ireland and now Mizen Design Build Ltd in London. The software is relatively easy to learn, and when I or any of my colleagues have had any queries or issues with the software the telephone and online support has been excellent. The ability to produce fast and accurate take-offs and BOQs has been of great benefit to me during my career as a quantity surveyor. I now have a team of five surveyors and a buyer who are all using the Cubit software, which is now considered an essential tool for each of them. I would highly recommend the Cubit Software.”

Building estimating software - MizenGerry Friel BSc MRICS, Mizen Design Build Ltd

“By getting the best software for measuring and estimating, you will save time and money knowing that what you want to do with it can be done without having to try and do a work around.

Cubit is certainly the best estimating and measuring software in the marketplace.“

QS Projects TestimonialTrevor Mosely, QS Project Services

“BSS Ltd continue to provide an effective and efficient first line of support, always professional in their communication, we would highly recommend their services.“

Billam - Buildfoft TestimonialMichael Billam, Billam Group

“I have used several different types of estimating software over the years and I personally find Cubit the best. The on-screen take off is excellent and the system has fantastic functionality for estimating.

We can provide our customers and our staff with marked up drawings indicating the works that are included in our contract and it enables us to easily quantify and monitor any variations. Cubit also has an excellent export to Excel function (including formulas) which we have found invaluable.”

SPSL-LOGO_David Burke, Sudbury Plastering

“I am very satisfied with your support which was fast, friendly and very effective.”

CQS - Buildsoft TestimonialTony Kennedy, CQS Group

“Having used Buildsoft products for over 15 years, we are very excited here at Carroll Estimating to adopt Cubit Pro into our business. The reliability and measurement accuracy Cubit offers along with its enhanced estimating options will greatly benefit not only ourselves but our Contractor and Developer Clients.

Carroll estimating code reference all our project estimates from pre-construction trade analysis right through to hand over of the tender, we focus on providing our clients with full cost breakdowns from material take-offs to trade supplier costs. Cubit allows us cost to the last nail on all our projects. In choosing Buildsoft Cubit we focused on a system that would be user friendly, accurate, reliable and fast. One of the many great benefit of Cubit is the reporting functionality, we can tailor reports to our client’s requirements while also having the ability to generate Carroll Estimating specific reports.”

Construction Estimating software - Carroll EstimatingPaddy Carroll, Carroll Estimating

Buildsoft support:

Everyone on our Support team is a professionally trained and experienced software user. We don’t outsource; delivering quality and peace of mind whenever you need a helping hand.

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