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Mudshark Earthworks Software – Civil Engineering Software

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Peter Clarke
Kerrigan Sheanon Newman

“Finding the right tools are part of the challenge for a Quantity Surveyor and MudShark fitted this role perfectly.

MudShark’s Earthworks software fulfilled the need to provide technical data in the form of quantities in a fast and efficient manner. Its simplistic methods of obtaining accurate quantities enhance our roles as industry leading construction cost consultants to our valued clients.”

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Mudshark Earthworks:

MudShark earthworks 3D takeoff tools allow you to effortlessly build a 4D model defining how the site currently looks and how you want the site to look after all earthworks are complete. This information is used by MudShark’s advanced solid modelling engine to perform simulations of the earthworks. The end result is a richly visual and very precise representation of all your cut and fill, stripping re-spread and structure foundations.

MudShark Trench:

MudShark Trench is the estimator’s choice for easily and accurately performing takeoff for trench and pipe networks. It features depth categories, automated clash detection and interactive 3D display.  Use MudShark Trench as an add-on module with the MudShark earthworks software, or on its own.



This Webinar demonstrates the main features in MudShark.

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Thursday 11:00am GMT


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Mudshark Earthworks Key Features:

Rapid Takeoff

rapid takeoff - Mudshark Earthworks Software - Civil Engineering SoftwareUsing data in a PDF/CAD  file can reduce take off time to a fraction of what it would traditionally be. Pick the lines that you want to use as Contours and if you’ve inserted a 3D CAD file you can transmute all of your contours in seconds using the altitudes already set in the Plan.

4D Walkthrough

4d view - Mudshark Earthworks Software - Civil Engineering SoftwareTake a stroll through time and across your 3D site at any stage of earthworks.  Modify the ground or structures you walk across in realtime during the walk-through to more easily see how the land is changing. Inspect your excavation  and take a snapshot of what you see to include in reports or to make notes.

Multiple Boring

Boring log - Mudshark Earthworks Software - Civil Engineering SoftwareAre you calculating projects where soil or rock thickness is irregular across your site?

Your earthwork estimations will be more accurate then ever with our multiple boring solid modelling. Quickly define and plot (or plot then define) as many boring points as your site needs. Giving you precise 3D solid volumes in a fraction of the time of manual calculation.

Cross Sections 

Cross Sections - Mudshark Earthworks Software - Civil Engineering SoftwareExplore your site with our fully detailed in-place 3D and 2D cross sections. Generate and print cross sections of any shape and inspect how the site changes along that cross section during cut and fill operations.

Now you can have even more confidence in the easiest and most precise way to estimate your earthworks by using Mudshark.

Material Reuse

Project Materials - Mudshark Earthworks Software - Civil Engineering SoftwareMudShark makes it easier to to enter, manipulate and Control how materials are used in your site.

Designate which materials can be reused and where; for strata operations or for each material. Also. nominate Materials that are unfit to be used and must be discarded

More Features

Earthworks Trench Only Earthworks and Trench
Flexible Licensing  Cubit Cubit
Project Material Re-use  Cubit Cubit
Unlimited Projects  Cubit  Cubit  Cubit
Materials Database  Cubit  Cubit Cubit
 Information Input
Removal of demolition areas Cubit  Cubit
Sub-grade materials  Cubit  Cubit
Existing Site Surface Definition (Contour lines, point elevations and sloping design lines)  Cubit Cubit
Surface, basement and sub-grade areas  Cubit  Cubit
Demolished Structures (Brown fields)  Cubit  Cubit
Boring logs and soil strata details  Cubit  Cubit
PDF and CAD Takeoff  Cubit  Cubit  Cubit
3D CAD objects imported directly from DWG files  Cubit  Cubit  Cubit
Plan stitching and alignment Cubit Cubit Cubit
Proposed Site Surface Definition (Contour lines, point elevations and sloping design lines) Cubit Cubit Cubit
Length and area measurements Cubit Cubit Cubit
Contour lines, point elevations and sloping design lines Cubit Cubit Cubit
 Multiple working areas  Cubit  Cubit  Cubit
Clash Detection  Cubit  Cubit
Solid model calculation  Cubit Cubit Cubit
3D verification  Cubit  Cubit  Cubit
4D walk through  Cubit  Cubit Cubit
Cross Sections  Cubit Cubit Cubit
 Results & Exports
Depth categories Cubit Cubit
Trench Cut accounting for structures and respread.  Cubit Cubit
Trench Fill Materials accounting for structures and respread.  Cubit  Cubit
Trench volumes/materials  Cubit  Cubit
Proposed Site Structures Cut and Fill  Cubit  Cubit
Stripping and Respread  Cubit  Cubit
 Existing to Proposed cut and fill  Cubit  Cubit
Cut & Fill Volumes  Cubit  Cubit
Demolished structure and Built structure resutls  Cubit  Cubit
Automatic site balancing adjustments  Cubit  Cubit
Topsoil strip  Cubit  Cubit
3D Printing format Cubit Cubit Cubit
Export to excel Cubit Cubit Cubit
Export to estimating software Cubit Cubit Cubit
Re-spread areas Cubit Cubit Cubit




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